David Suma - Cauz Hospitality
David Suma - Cauz Hospitality

Cauz Containers can empower people like David to run their own business and benefit their community in a big way.

This is Davids Cauz Journey...

David Zuma had recently started his career in the Hospitality sector when the Covid-19 restrictions hit. With the total closure of all restaurants in South Africa, he had no income and no way of feeding himself and his young child. David came to Cauz to ask for help. We have offered to provide him with a Cauz 6m Container on a piece of land in Mphomphomeni, Pietermaritzburg, KZN, South Africa. He plans to open his own restaurant (MaCauzi Kitchen Franchise) to generate money for himself and his family. He has also come up with a range of ways he can utilise the container and wifi.

David said - "I want to add a vegetable garden behind my Cauz Franchise, where I can get local produce which will help provide for the community. There are a lot of families that can benefit from the garden. This will also impact on the environment by re-fertilising otherwise unused land. ‘Healthy Garden’ will help families in many ways;  I would be able to teach the children how to keep the environment clean by adding a garden that can produce healthy, lasting vegetables. In my Area of Mphomphomeni, There is also a local library but it doesn't have the proper equipment for school children to do their school homework This is due to a lack of strong, reliable internet services. My Cauz container would provide a space for this as well as a copying and lamenting facility."


David will use the Container in the following ways:


1. Primary Business of Restaurant, with Wifi and free phone charging centre.


2. Local Library and homework centre for school children; free meals for the children who would not otherwise have food.


3. Local Garden Centre to provide food for himself and for his community, as well as training on how to turn waste ground into a productive garden.


4. Photocopy and laminating services which are essential in the area.


5. Recycling and plastics education.


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