Kellogg’s: Stop destroying rainforests for cheap palm oil!
Kellogg’s: Stop destroying rainforests for cheap palm oil!

Orangutans are being killed and orphaned as their jungle homes are destroyed by companies who want cheap palm oil - and we should stop it now.

Only last month a Greenpeace investigation found that Kellogg’s are still buying their palm oil from companies that destroy rainforests and kill orangutans. The report said that palm oil traders Wilmar were responsible for more rainforest destruction than any other, and they and companies like them, are selling palm oil to Kellogg’s. So we are asking Kellogg’s to stop using these suppliers immediately and to tell the public exactly which palm oil companies they buy from.

Twenty-five orangutans are killed every day due to palm oil. As well as wiping out rainforests and wildlife, cheap and irresponsible palm oil companies are also killing people - due to the toxic gases of burnt down trees, around 110 people die a year. An area the size of a football pitch is torn down in Indonesia’s rainforest every 25 seconds - this must stop now!

Kellogg’s say they use sustainable palm oil but Greenpeace’s investigation shows that they are still buying from palm oil producers that are wiping out rainforests in Indonesia.

Like most of my friends & family, we start our day eating Kellogg’s cereals but we’re not going to buy from them any more until they use our money to protect the rainforest, not destroy it. No more empty promises - it’s time for full responsibility and transparency.

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    Clyde Williams
    22 Oct 2018
    Thank you for saying something Jonathan... the Animals of the World thank you for speaking for them too.

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