Save Nidd Gorge
Save Nidd Gorge

Please help stop the Road through Nidd Gorge! Today, we are being told, that one of our last places of refuge, the Nidd Gorge, is going to have bypass driven right through the heart of it.

This is a ancient Gorge, on our doorstep in Yorkshire were we as humans, have walked our first steps, developed our first tools and began our great civilization...

It is just unbelievable, but the Council wants to pave it, to make way for more machines... more pollution, more destruction...

Someone once thought it a good idea to build a road next to Stonehenge. This can't happen again!

This where we draw the line and today we make our stand...

I am making it my ‘Just Cauz’ to stop this road...

If you, like me, believe that we, the Youth, have to take charge and make a stand against the continual destruction of our Natural resource - please simply register your name next my Cauz Homepage...

There is no obligation, no financial request...

We are looking to create an energetic team of ambitious archaeologist, geologists, historian's, ecologists and we are also looking for filmmakers to document our journey.

We don’t know where this will lead, but it would be good to know, that you, like me, also care about our beautiful Planet Earth...

Please join my Cauz Network because as humans, if we speak with one voice, we are stronger.

Cauz Support

    Halt the road
    10 May 2019
    Hi Matty, I hope you are still there! We have come together to stop this horrible road. There is now a consultation and we need as many people as possible to complete the NYCC Congestion Consultation survey and 'Strongly Disagree' with the relief road. Our profile page has all the relevant links. Let me know if we can help!
    Clyde Williams
    22 Oct 2018
    Matty, keep up the fight. One day you be recognised for putting up a fight for what is right.
    Finley Morley
    24 Sep 2018
    Nice work Matty. If there is anything we as the business community can do to help you, then please let us know.

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