Sihle's Cauz - Lifestyle Experience
Sihle's Cauz - Lifestyle Experience

Sihle Bitso has launched his project to build a Lifestyle Experience Training Centre in Inanda, KZN, South Africa.

He plans to build a Cauz Container and equip it with necessary tech training facilities and computer equipment.

His focus will be on the training and education of young people in the fields of marketing and design.

With access to the Internet, he will also be able to provide schooling to the local children. He plans to offer education classes to Adults, as well as teach people how to make money from recycling plastics.

His also plans to run a poultry business that will generate him income. He will be able to market through the Internet to local people and sell other Cauz Container Businesses in the network

With the benefit of free WiFi sponsored by Cauz, he will be able to generate income for him, food for his family and community, he will be able to train local people, as well as Educate the young.

A wonderful initiative that we fully support.

Well done Sihle.

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