What is wrong with our roads
What is wrong with our roads

For many years we have struggled with the poor maintenance of our roads not just locally but throughout the UK. After returning from a trip to Geneva and seeing how immaculate the Swiss keep there it became so apparent at the lack of care and actually how dangerous our roads have become.

I cannot understand with the number of road users and amount of tax we pay why we have such a sporadic ‘patch it up' approach to our roads.

I myself have had tyres and wheels damaged and have seen first hand the near misses of people swerving on roads to avoid pot holes and nearly crashing into other road users.

Potholes in the UK are estimated to cause as many as 1 in 10 mechanical failures costing motorists around £730 million pounds each year. Local Authorities currently pay out more than £30 million in compensation claims but little people are aware how to claim. It was documented in the News in February how a contractor for Harrogate Borough Council had actually painted messy white lines through pot holes instead of fixing them.

Residents have been demanding answers from the council about the pot hole nightmare and I feel this is a good place to raise awareness and get answers!

If you would like to join my Cauz we will work together to bring these individual cases to the councils attention and also help with you to claim compensation for damage done to vehicles.

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