Terms and Conditions

Just Cause would be a Forum which enables people who wish to challenge, tackle, change or simply raise an issue they feel is unjust or will make a positive difference to their Society and to enable the resolution of such Causes.

A platform to help address Injustice in our Society.

A way of ordering the many separate individual voices, into one coherent, influential voice.

Idea being, ‘The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.’

By using the Platform you agree to terms:

    Core Values:
  • Protection of Democracy
  • Encouragement of Political Will and Action
  • Non-Religious, Racist or Sexist
  • Non-Revolutionary & Law Abiding: Law and Order - one of the pillars of our society, must be respected and appreciated
  • The Right to Challenge the Law: Whilst the forum seeks to abide by the Lay, it reserves the right to Challenge and Change existing law.
  • Preservation of Nature and Protection of Animals