Donna Williams
I am a criminology and forensics student and I am passionate about equal rights for women and working towards the end goal of a sustainable climate and a clean ecosystem.
Climate Emergency
By Donna Williams
John Dassieu, an Australian artist and activist campaigning for #ClimateAction through spreading the #ActOnClimate message has produced physical art and a song regarding the issue. By raising awareness on this topic we are influencing at least one person in the world to make a change.   Visit his page on YouTube to have a listen- it has a very important message.
Nepal Dhading- Working with communities to reduce gender discrimination
By Donna Williams
One of my first missions is to travel to Nepal, Dhading Besi and Salyantar for three months to help to improve the lives in the community in which I'm placed. Working with VSO (Volunteer Services Overseas) I will be becoming engrossed in their people's way of life in order to bring my own knowledge over from England. The goals we are working towards are No Poverty, Quality Education, ...