Robyn Benham
Cauz Creative Director
Mandla and his self-sustaining Garden Project: The Mandlenkosi Nkosi Founda...
By Robyn Benham
Mandla’s resourcefulness is a great example for us all.    Mandla’s work on the Garden Project began around 10 years ago. He and a group of woman, including his wife Nokuthula, began to clean up an Illegal Dumping area in the East of Johannesburg, South Africa. The land, which used...
Nokawanda Mchunu Cauz Grocery
By Robyn Benham
Nokawanda lives in Mbindolo, Tugela Ferray, near Greytown, KZN South Africa. She has five children and is trying to make a living selling fruit from a small stall. We have helped Nokawanda by providing her with financial help to continuing by her fruit.  Nokawanda wants to expand her business and wants a cooler box to sell colds drinks. We want to continue to work with Nokawanda to expand ...
David Suma - Cauz Hospitality
By Robyn Benham
Cauz Containers can empower people like David to run their own business and benefit their community in a big way. This is Davids Cauz Journey... David Zuma had recently started his career in the Hospitality sector when the Covid-19 restrictions hit. With the total closure of all restaurants in South Africa, he had no income and no way of feeding himself and his young child. David came to Ca...
Carl's Horticulter Plot
By Robyn Benham