Matty Giles
Hi, my name is Matty Giles. I’m 20 years old and I'll be honest, I'm a little disillusioned at the moment. I have watched as our leaders have taken us from Financial crisis to Brexit crisis. I have watched as they have taken on more debt, debt which we, the youth, will need repay. I have watched as they have poisoned our air with machines, plastic and waste, which we the youth will have to clean up… I have watched and seen how the views of people my age have been ignored… It is time to for us to make a stand. It is time for us as the Youth to unite and take action. For in Unity, there is Strength.
Save Nidd Gorge
By Matty Giles
Please help stop the Road through Nidd Gorge! Today, we are being told, that one of our last places of refuge, the Nidd Gorge, is going to have bypass driven right through the heart of it. This is a ancient Gorge, on our doorstep in Yorkshire were we as humans, have walked our first steps, developed our first tools and began our great civilization... It is just unbelievable, but the Council ...